TAG 2010 presentation online

A few days ago I presented a paper at the Theoretical Archaeology Group (TAG) 2010 at the University of Bristol, titled ‘Facebooking the past: social network analysis for archaeologists’. The paper was presented in the session ‘Thinking beyond the tool: archaeological computing and the interpretative process’. My contribution to this session aimed at exploring the potential of social network analysis (SNA) techniques for the archaeological discipline, to improve our understanding of past social relationships. By identifying three major issues and stressing the fundamental difference of archaeological applications of SNA from other disciplines caused by the nature of archaeological data, I made some suggestions to take a first step towards a new generation of archaeological SNA applications.
You can view and download the presentation slides from the bibliography page. The paper will be published soon in the British Archaeological Reports (BAR) series, and I will make the draft of this paper available here within a few weeks.

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