Postgraduate conference Newcastle: Networks and scale

I just heard about this conference on Networks and Scale. The call for papers is out, deadline 1 April. Will definitely be of interest to archaeologists and historians interested in networks I believe. And I am planning on sending in a paper myself.

Call for Papers

‘Networks and Scales: Relating the local and the global’

Newcastle University, 23 May 2011

This interdisciplinary conference seeks to address the notion of network across boundaries and disciplines. Are we aware of the networks within which our subjects exist? Do we address sufficiently issues of network and scale in the past? How do we make connections between the often narrow focus of doctoral research and the local and global scales within which we practice?

We invite papers which address issues of networks and scale, local and global, within past and present. For example:

* Research which transcends boundaries

* Person-Place-Thing relations

* Local studies and their wider impact

* Issues of scale throughout time

* Global connections

Abstracts to be submitted to by 1 April 2011.

General enquiries can be forwarded to the conference organisers, Melinda Sutton, Sophie Moore and Rachel Crellin at the same address.


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