Digital Classicist seminar series

DCToday I will present my work at the Digital Classicist in London and I thought it would be good to advertise all the other great seminars lined up this season. The full list can be found on their blog and below. You can download my slides of today’s presentation here.

Most talks will deal with digital Roman, Greek or Medieval literary sources. Quite a few, however, consider the crossover between literary and material sources. The Hellespont project is a good example of this, which will be presented by my friends Agnes Thomas and Matteo Romanello with Francesco Mambrini on 9 August. And then there is The Digital Epigraphy and Archaeology Project which will be presented by Eleni Bozia on 12 June. I am also intrigued by Adrian Ryan’s ‘Quantifying stylistic distance between Athenian vase-paintings’, welcoming Athenian vases to the digital age. Another interesting innovative topic is Valeria Vitale’s ontology of 3D visualisation in cultural heritage. All really varied and innovative topics that crosscut conventional disciplinary boundaries. I like it 🙂

Jun 7 Tom Brughmans (Southampton)
Exploring visibility networks in Iron Age and Roman Southern Spain with Exponential Random Graph Models

Jun 14 Valeria Vitale (King’s College London)
An Ontology for 3D Visualization in Cultural Heritage

Jun 21 Tom Cheesman (Swansea)
Putting Translations To Work: TransVis

Jun 28 Adrian Ryan (Kwazulu-Natal)
Quantifying stylistic distance between Athenian vase-paintings

Jul 5 Dot Porter (Pennsylvania)
The Medieval Electronic Scholarly Alliance: a federated platform for discovery and research

Jul 12 16:30 Eleni Bozia (University of Florida)
The Digital Epigraphy and Archaeology Project

17:30 Greta Franzini (University College London)
A catalogue of digital editions: Towards an edition of Augustine’s City of God

Jul 19 Federico Boschetti (Pisa) & Bruce Robertson (Mount Allison)
An Integrated System For Generating And Correcting Polytonic Greek OCR

Jul 26 Marie-Claire Beaulieu (Tufts)
Teaching with the Perseids Platform: Tools and methods

Aug 2 Neel Smith (Holy Cross)
Scholarly reasoning and writing in an automatically assembled and tested digital library

Aug 9 Agnes Thomas, Francesco Mambrini & Matteo Romanello (DAI, Berlin)
Insights in the World of Thucydides: The Hellespont Project as a research environment for Digital History

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