Leipzig e-Humanities autumn/winter schedule

Screen shot 2012-05-04 at 10.55.46Plenty of good academic messages being spread from Leipzig this season! Have a look at the Leipzig e-humanities website or see the schedule below.

Seminar Schedule

Oct 23 Eric Champion Interacting With History Using Virtual Environments pdfAbstract
Oct 30 Gabriel Bodard Standards for Networking Ancient Prosopographies: Digital Classics, Linked Open Data, and community building pdfAbstract
Nov 6 Matthew Munson “You will know a word by its changes in company!”: Using Collocation Analysis to Track Semantic Drift in Biblical Greek pdfAbstract
Nov 13 Francesco Mambrini Topic-Focus articulation à la praguienne: Annotating information structure in the Ancient Greek Dependency Treebank pdfAbstract
Nov 27 Michael Hendry Every Reader an Editor:Putting Editable and Formattable Critical Texts On-Line with SQL pdfAbstract
Dec 4 Matt Coler Correlating Human Sensory Experience with Physical Phenomena Using Dependency Structures, Cognitive Semantics, and (Semi-)Automatic Linguistic Analysis: Bridging the gap between the objective world and subjective reality pdfAbstract
Dec 11 Giovanni Colavizza Functional Categorization for Historical Place Types pdfAbstract
Dec 18 Amir Zeldes Corpus Linguistics Tools for Sahidic Coptic pdfAbstract
Paul Arthur Online Environments for Biographical Research
Jan 8 Frank Binder From Collaborative Data Editing to Library Catalogues: Towards a ‘Sharable Data Strategy’ for the GeoBib Project pdfAbstract
Jan 15 Mike Kestemont A Distant Reading of a Distant Past: Computational Text Analysis and Medieval Literature pdfAbstract
Jan 22 Toma Tasovac Historic Dictionaries as a Challenge for Digital Humanities pdfAbstract
Jan 29 Sarah Savant Al-Thaʿālibī’s Memorable Thimār al-qulūb fī almuḍāf wa-l-mansūb: A Portrait of an Eleventh-Century Cultural Broker pdfAbstract

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