Introducing the simulating complexity blog!

complexThis week a new player was launched in the archaeological computing blogosphere! Let’s welcome simulatingcomplexity. Apart from having a really nice layout, the blog features some pretty awesome content. The blog concerns all things complexity, but focuses in particular on complex systems simulation in the Humanities. The blog’s editors, Stefani Crabtree, Iza Romanowska, and Ben Davies, have provided a very readable introduction for those of us who have never heard of complexity science. In “The tale of complexity science” they mention that “complexity science deals with complex systems. And a complex system is a system consisting of a large number of independent components which interact with each other and sometimes also with the environment, a good example of which is a society, an ant hill or a brain.” Want to know more? Then check out the posts on their blog.

The blog promises to be a useful reference point for news and events concerning complexity science in the humanities. What I find particularly useful is the list of resources they included, which includes an introductory bibliography, some tutorials and case studies. I believe the editors also welcome guest posts, so don’t hesitate and get in touch with them if you have something to say.


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