DH position Amsterdam

This position might be of interest to those reading this blog. It mentions network analysis as an important skills to have and welcomes applications from Humanities researchers.

Digital Humanities researcher,
KNAW Humanities Cluster,
Huygens Institute,
The Netherlands
Dear all,
For the KNAW Humanities Cluster, digital humanities is not a research area unto itself, but rather an area that focuses on developing digital methods to support humanities research. These methods will be employed in addition and complementary to existing research methods to further strengthen our research and to achieve ground-breaking results.
Methodologically, we believe that there is a great deal to be expected for our research from developments in three specific areas in particular: text analysis, network analysis and visualisation. We would like to focus on these areas in our joint approach. Additionally, attention will be given to other innovative techniques such as system and data modelling (e.g. Linked Open Data), computational (meta) data analysis, machine learning techniques (e.g. deep learning) and information retrieval. At least one of the researchers to be hired will focus primarily on linguistic text analysis.
For the Digital Humanities Group, we are looking for researchers with an outstanding track record in Digital Humanities. This can be either a humanities researcher with a clear Digital Humanities profile or a computer scientist with demonstrable significant interest in the humanities.
• an impressive research CV, including a dissertation, in the area of digital humanities;
• demonstrable affinity and experience on a methodological level and with innovative techniques;
• demonstrable ability to build a bridge between computational research and humanities, including working together with both groups of scientists;
• ability to cooperate in a stimulating and creative manner with other researchers;
• demonstrable ability to obtain external research subsidies.
The Huygens Institute for the History of the Netherlands, the International Institute of Social History and the Meertens Institute are research institutes in the humanities that are part of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW). These institutes closely work together, among others in offering an infrastructure for digital humanities research in the Netherlands. The institutes are going to further strengthen the cooperation in the area of digital humanities in the KNAW Humanities Cluster. In that context, Huygens ING and the Meertens Institute will move to shared accommodation in Amsterdam city centre at the end of 2016. The institutes have relatively large ICT departments and have been active in the area of digital humanities research for some time and in the construction of the requisite infrastructure to do so in projects such as CLARIAH.
With the clustering of the three institutes to form the KNAW Humanities Cluster, a core of researchers will be formed, the Digital Humanities Group, which will be a crystallisation point for the digital humanities research of the cluster. The Digital Humanities Group shall consist of both existing staff members of the three institutes and new employees to be recruited.
Additional information
For more information, please contact Lex Heerma van Voss (Director of Huygens ING) at lex.heermavanvoss@huygens.knaw.nl<mailto:lex.heermavanvoss@huygens.knaw.nl> or by calling +31(0)70–3315800. You can find information about the three institutes for the Huygens ING at http://www.huygens.knaw.nl; for the IISH at http://www.socialhistory.org; and for the Meertens Institute at http://www.meertens.knaw.nl.
A link to the original profile of the positions can be found here: https://www.academictransfer.com/employer/KNAW/vacancy/34615/lang/en/
Rombert Stapel
Postdoctoral researcher at the International Institute of Social History



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