Row yer boat! Play a Caribbean Archaeology game for a cash prize. Deadline 16 July

Ever wanted to cruise the Caribbean in a canoe? Here’s your chance! (kind of) The Caribbean Archaeology project I worked with the last few years (NEXUS1492) released a game ‘Row yer boat‘, in which you should navigate your canoe through the Caribbean Sea. If you play it before 16 July, you stand a chance of winning a cash prize of up to 250EUR. The user data of the game will be used for the research project, exploring decision making by people navigating the Caribbean Sea in canoes. Download the game soon and give it a go!

More information here.

Nexus1492’s RowYerBoat is now finally released!


… for Desktop:

… for Android:

We have a competition running until July 16th where you can win up to a whopping 250€! Support me with my Bachelor Thesis: all you have to do is play “Nexus1492’s RowYerBoat” and beat other players’ highscores in order to win up to 250€ in cash! Details below.
Nexus1492’s RowYerBoat is part of the research project Nexus1492 of which the Algorithmics Group of the Computer & Information Science Department at the University of Konstanz is part of. RowYerBoat is a canoeing simulation where you have to navigate a boat through the caribbean sea. Currents are making your way from one spot to another harder; find the best route and beat the global highscores in two campaigns containing three missions each.

We are giving away 25€ to the player who scores the best time – per mission! Additionaly, we will reward the player with the best overall time of each campaign with another 50€. You do not have to be experienced in gaming for a chance to win!
(NOTE: The tutorial campaign is NOT part of the competition!)

What you have to do:

1. download Nexus1492’s RowYerBoat for either Desktop or Android
2. register your email from the menu
3. be the very best!

Feel free to ask your questions or file bugreports to

Good luck!

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