Discussion forum Bochum: ABM in archaeology

Via Maja Gori & Frederik Schaff

– with apologies for cross-posting –

We proudly announce the first Forum ReSoc “Agent-based Models in Archaeology: Are there Limits? featuring Edmund Chattoe-Brown (University of Leicester) and Marc Vander Linden (University of Cambridge) as key-note speakers.

What is the role of agent-based modelling for archaeology? How does ABM contribute to interdisciplinary work and vice versa, how do different practices in the disciplines affect the way in which ABM is practised?

Following two key-notes by Edmund Chattoe-Brown and Marc Vander Linden, a panel composed by Iza Romanowska (Barcelona Supercomputing Center), Maria Ivanova-Bieg (Heidelberg University) and Michael Roos (Ruhr-University Bochum) will discuss these issues together with the speakers. We also invite the audience to comment and ask questions.

The Forum will be moderated by Maja Gori & Frederik Schaff (Ruhr-University Bochum, ReSoc – Resources in Societies Leibniz Postdoctoral School).

We invite students and researchers of all disciplines as well as the general public to join the event in Bochum on March 21st! Please note that if you will not make it in person, you can watch the live stream of the event on YouTube.

More information at: http://forum.resoc.de

Twitter: @ReSocBochum 

See you in Bochum!

Maja Gori & Frederik Schaff


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