Design Thinking and Making: A Masterclass for Educators and Professionals in the Creative and Cultural Industries

This event might be of interest to readers of this blog:

Do you teach students who intend to pursue careers in the GLAM, Cultural Tourism, or Heritage sectors? Are you a professional in any of these sectors (or who supports these sectors) with an education brief? If so, please join us at Maastricht University from 3-5 March 2019 ( to explore integrating into the curriculum design thinking and problem-based learning by teaching new technologies, from digital storytelling to game play, from 3D modelling to virtual reality.

This Masterclass will explore the challenges and opportunities of preparing students or current professionals for and in careers in which understanding how to embed creative, interactive, and user-focussed technologies into everyday activities is as crucial as the more traditional skills we teach.

These themes will be explored within the context of the IGNITE curriculum (, a suite of courses delivered through #dariahTeach and designed for online, blended and flipped classrooms, workshops, or life-long learning activities. An objective of the Masterclass is to provide each participant with strategies for integrating these methods, technologies, and skills into their teaching practice (for educators) or to create educational opportunities for current professionals (for those already working in the sector).

Generous funding is available for all participants from EU Member States travelling to Maastricht. For further details and to register see

If you have further questions, please contact Costas Papadopoulos, Assistant Professor in Digital Humanities and Culture Studies, Maastricht

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