Networks Bibliography

Networks in Archaeology

All publications EVER: An exhaustive list of all published archaeological applications of network science is openly available in this Zotero library. The list was initially compiled by Matt Peeples and myself and is kept up to date as a community effort. Feel free to add missing items to the bibliography.

Also have a look at the network science bibliography on the Historical Network Research website, which covers many topics and is kept up to date by a growing community.

For an exhaustive bibliography of agent-based modelling in Archaeology, see this dedicated open bibliography by Iza Romanowska, Lennart Linde and the community who keeps it up to date.

Introductory publications

Albert, R. & Barabási, A., 2002. Statistical mechanics of complex networks. Reviews of modern physics, 74(January), pp.47-97.

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Networks in History

Bergs, A., 2005. Social Networks and Historical Sociolinguistics. Studies in Morphosyntactic Variation in the Paston Letters (1421-1503). (Topics in English Linguistics 51), Berlin/New York: Mouton De Gruyter.

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Key publications in physics

Barabási, A.-L. & Albert, R., 1999. Emergence of Scaling in Random Networks. Science, 286(5439), pp.509-512.

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Key publications in social network analysis

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